Sweet Dreams

Are there days you wake up still feeling tired?

Do you have days where all day you’re feeling exhausted?

Think the solution is to pour another cup of coffee? Think again!


The 8 (hopefully) hours you aren’t running around busy with all the things that come with life your body is rejuvenating for the next day through sleep. The problem comes when our bodies are deprived from those hours of rejuvenation.


If this is sounding familiar don’t worry, you are not alone. Nearly 40 million American men and women suffer from sleep disorders. Interestingly enough more women are impacted by sleep disorders than men.  


Your initial reaction might be to look directly at the problem in front of you. You have been waking up and still feeling tired, you think maybe it’s the pillow, your mattress is uncomfortable, or even you went to bed too late. I urge you to think of the problem from a more holistic view. If you know me there should be no surprise there! When we look at sleep disorders or people who are suffering from tiredness through Chinese medicine we start to uncover the underlying deep imbalance. While I highly recommend working with a trained professional to see the best results I want to leave you with two major tips that you can start implementing today.


The first tip and one of the most important aspects of sleep, a routine. This means waking up and going to sleep at the same time each day is important, this allows your sleep cycles to reset. Now don’t hate me for this next part, but each day means weekends too! Waking up at different times each day can really take a toll on your sleep patterns. So if you wake up Monday-Friday at 6am then set the clock for that time on Saturday and Sunday. This may sound dreadful but you will start to notice the impact a routine can have on your overall energy levels.


The next tip I’d like to leave you with is to take a look at your overall body. While sleep is a major part of your energy bank there are other areas that can make serious withdrawals or deposits. If we go back to the holistic viewpoint of mind, body, spirit we can start looking at the other factors that could be influencing our energy levels. For instance, are you overly stressed at work, do you find your mind racing every time you have a second to think? Or do you have daily or weekly practices that refill you, some people refer to these as hobbies or passion projects. Like it or not this all feeds into your energy.


This can be a lot to take in all at once, I recommend starting with a sleep routine. Then consulting with someone who can help you look at the big picture. I promise once you shift from being tired, exhausted, or just feeling like you don’t have as much energy as you’d like to someone who can do everything they wanted in a day and not have moments where they “gosh I’m tired” you’ll never want to go back!
Sweet dreams!