A Little About Lauren:

Lauren was a tired mom and didn’t even know it.

When her children were about 4 and 6 years old, she could no longer act or feel like the mom she saw herself as.

She envisioned herself as a carefree mom – laughing, playing, loving and really connected to her kids. She wanted to empower them to be confident and happy. However, her life looked very different than how she had imagined it. She found herself snapping at her kids. She dreaded making dinner and always felt overwhelmed. There was never enough time to play with her kids. She felt like she was barely managing to get through her days instead of being engaged and enjoying every minute.

She thought something was wrong with her. She could not figure out how to be the mom she wanted to be and knew she could be. Everyday she would wake up determined that this day would be different. She would say to herself, “I am going to be calm, I am going to play with my kids, I am going to have fun and enjoy my day.” By by the middle of the day she would find herself snapping, yelling and waiting for the day to be over.

It wasn’t until she started to fine tune her health and put herself through her own 5 step process that she gained the energy she didn’t even know was missing. Overnight she finally had the energy she needed to be the vital mom she wanted to be.

Lauren Ruby Miller is a national certified acupuncturist who has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and  Chinese Five Elements for 20 years.  She created a system that uses the philosophy of the five elements to bring understanding to our lives and transforms limitations along with TCM for the physical body.  She has a strong background in herbology and TCM nutrition.  She is also the cofounder of Possibilities DNA vocational school and has taught courses all over the world. She is passionate about people reaching their highest level of health in body, mind and spirit.

Lauren is an amazing healer and has helped hundreds of moms to transform their  life form being exhausted unmotivated and unhealthy to happy, health and energized.

Lauren helps moms who struggle with feeling tired and unmotivated. She starts by creating a vitality blueprint so that you feel energized and excited to be the mom you want to be.