The Leaky Tub


Are there days you get so tired you’re not sure how you’ll get everything done?


Well, you are not alone!


Take a look at one of my clients. She is a busy woman. Balancing work and raising 2 children that afternoon slump was an all too familiar part of her life.  She believed this was because she wasn’t taking good enough care of her body.  So she started to focus there.  She ate a clean diet, made sure she got enough sleep, and exercised. Yet, she was still running straight into that wall of exhaustion every afternoon no matter how much time she focused on her physical well being.  


Now if this is sounding familiar, don’t worry. Most people believe that our energy is directly related to our physical body. But, did you know there are five different keys that influence the energy that sustains your life? We are needing to look at our self and our energy from a holistic viewpoint. Taking the body, mind, and spirit approach.


I am an acupuncturist and have studied the five elements for over 20 years.  What I have found is that our bodies are not the only part that can be out of balance, making us fatigued and overwhelmed.  I am going to give you a little insight on my interpretation of what is needed to feel and live a vibrant life.


There are five elements to your energy.  

  1. Your physical body
  2. Your mind
  3. The way you invasion yourself and how you want to be and feel
  4. The way you interact with your life and world
  5. Your passion and creativity.


If you are off kilter or out of balance in any of these areas you will be losing energy. Picture a bathtub full of water and a plug that won’t seal, water is constantly going to be going down the drain.  To have the energy that fills you, that keeps you going all day long and them some you have to create harmony in each one of these areas.  You have got to seal the plug.


When we sat down and looked at the energy elements for my client it was clear that how she was interacting with her world was off balance.  She was one of those women who had a hard time with boundaries. (I imagine there are a few of you that can relate.)  She did not know how to say no. She was constantly doing more than her share at work and at home and telling herself to keep digging deeper to get it done.  


I helped her work through this struggle with my exclusive Five Element Regain Your Energy System and she plugged up her leaking drain and recaptured her energy. She is no longer running out of steam in the afternoon. She is bringing all areas of herself into balance and as a result enjoying a very vibrant life.


You need to realize that we are more than just our body. Your physical body plays an enormous role in your overall energy but it is not the only element. You need to support all areas of your body, mind, and spirit to have energy that does not run out.
It is miserable sitting in a leaking bath so why would you put up with that kind of annoyance in your everyday life?

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